FAQ: The ins and outs of ODYSSEY® Marine batteries

When Don Dingman goes out on the water, he relies on the best battery to power his way through a day of fishing. ODYSSEY® Marine batteries allow him to troll for days on one charge. It also gives him twice the power than most conventional batteries.

When asked why ODYSSEY® batteries, Don said: “I make my living taking kids and families on the water. ODYSSEY® batteries deliver the power, reliability and performance that takes the worry out of boating. I know my boat will start and get us back to the dock every time.”

Don and our battery expert Bruce weigh in as to what sets ODYSSEY® Marine batteries apart from the competition.

What sets ODYSSEY® Marine batteries apart from the competition?
Don: Their unbelievable starting power and unmatched deep cycling capability sets ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose batteries apart from the competition. Conventional batteries don’t even come close to the strength, reliability and performance of an ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ battery. They deliver twice the power and three times the life. This can be attributed to their dual-purpose capabilities.

These batteries allow for both massive starting power and amazing deep cycling capability – what design feature makes this possible?
Bruce: ODYSSEY® battery’s Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology. This feature differs from lead-calcium batteries because it contains a pure-lead grid system that does not have galvanic grid corrosion like lead-calcium batteries do. The grids are thin, which allows for more plates. More plates result in increased surface area with greater starting power. Even with that, ODYSSEY® batteries still deep discharge 400 cycles to 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD).

What’s the best way to care for and store ODYSSEY® Marine batteries both in and out of season?
Bruce: To support the parasitic loads in season, an ODYSSEY® battery portable charger can be used whenever the boat is in storage or non-use. Out of season, fully charge all batteries and disconnect the negative cables from each battery. You can also disconnect the ground wire system to prevent electrical loads and leave the battery stored in the boat. The objective is to assure there are no electrical loads on the batteries for prolonged storage.

Don: ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose Marine batteries are so easy to maintain and care for. Even for hard winter storage, all you have to do is make sure your battery is fully charged, disconnect the negative cable and it’s good for two years. Hard winter storage is a period of six months plus, or very low temperatures with no available shore power to run chargers.

What marine applications are compatible with ODYSSEY® batteries?
Bruce: The ODYSSEY® battery is the best offering for every possible direct current electrical need on any vessel because they are true “dual purpose” batteries that can support all direct current electrical loads on the vessel. It is the best offering due to this feature and its 12-year design life.

What differentiates the ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ Marine Dual Purpose batteries from the ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ Marine Dual Purpose batteries?
Bruce: The ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ Marine Dual Purpose battery is based on similar design features used by EnerSys® to supply batteries for extreme military applications. They offer resistance to extreme vibration, temperatures and maximum power ratings. ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ Marine Dual Purpose batteries are suited for a consumer to light commercial duty uses. They have a lower power rating and price point compared to the ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™, but still offers dual purpose capability, 12-year design life, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) sealed, corrosion free operation and the same long term storage when stored appropriately.

Don: The ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ Marine Dual Purpose batteries deliver way more power than regular batteries, giving you more time on the water to enjoy. The ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ Marine Dual Purpose battery delivers twice the power as conventional batteries with three times the life, ensuring more power on demand while you are out on the water. You simply can’t find a better battery.

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