See battery* status on any smart device

Not knowing a battery’s true condition can lead to trouble. But with the ODYSSEY® Connect battery monitoring system, you’ll be traveling with the market’s first “smart” AGM battery, so you can monitor battery health issues long before they spoil the trip. Featuring patented technology, the ODYSSEY Connect system monitors battery State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH), voltage and temperature. Users can view warnings and safety notifications via Bluetooth® on their Apple® or Android™ smart device, and can also review battery trends to spot performance anomalies.

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The ODYSSEY® Connect system captures SOC data and highlights it in graph showing 20% increments over a six-day period.

The ODYSSEY Connect system’s SOH data is viewable by the user to proactively monitor battery health highs, lows and warnings, which may require corrective actions.

The ODYSSEY Connect system highlights the previous six days of battery voltage and temperature data in a combined graph.

From the first day of battery operation, the ODYSSEY Connect system captures and analyzes battery operating parameter history.

*ODYSSEY Connect system is available with Connect enabled ODYSSEY batteries, including ODX-ACE31.

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