Go further with the ODYSSEY® battery

With twice the power and triple the life of conventional lead acid designs, ODYSSEY® batteries can handle a range of applications and performance demands. Wherever the daily grind takes you, the ODYSSEY battery has the power and endurance to get you through.




Heavy Duty

Fleet Vehicles

Why Use ODYSSEY Batteries?

  • Massive Starting Power

    Engine cranking pulses up to 2700 amps for 5 seconds.
  • Longer Service Life

    8-12-year design life and 3-10-year service life.
  • Extended Cycle Life

    400 charge-discharge cycles at 80% depth of discharge.
  • Extreme Temperature Tolerance

    -40ºF (-40ºC) to 140ºF (60ºC) for models without a metal jacket, and from -40ºF (-40ºC) to 176ºF (80ºC) for models with a metal jacket
  • Vibration Resistant

    Extreme protection against high-impact shocks and vibration.
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free

    Sealed, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) design never requires watering.