ODYSSEY® battery: Built for any Project that Moves You

EnerSys®, the manufacturer of ODYSSEY® batteries, will showcase top-of-the-line batteries and chargers at SEMA for the 12th year. Three builds will be featured in the ODYSSEY® battery Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) booth no. 24875: a specially designed Humvee built by Rockstar Performance Garage, a race-ready Polaris® RZR XP 1000 and a 1949 Buick Sedanette 56 S restored by Chris Carlson Hot Rods. However, these aren’t the only vehicles at SEMA that are equipped with an ODYSSEY® battery.

Throughout the million square feet at the Las Vegas Convention Center, you are sure to find an ODYSSEY® battery under the hoods of many SEMA builds. Why? As you’ll read from just a few of the builders, ODYSSEY® batteries are one of the most trusted and reliable brands on the market.

Chris Carlson Hot Rods
Chris Carlson Hot Rods is celebrating its 13th year in business. In just over a decade, the shop has completed over 150 complete builds. They specialize in custom builds, restorations, hot rods, muscle cars, street rods, and offer various other custom automotive services.

One of their most prized possessions debuted at SEMA last year – a 1949 Buick Sedanette 56 S. At the heart of the custom restoration is an ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ 75-PC-1230 battery.

Chris Carlson Hot Rods relies on ODYSSEY® batteries because they’re 1949-buickdependable. Show cars aren’t driven daily and most of their time, when not on the road, is spent sitting. They needed a long-lasting battery that wouldn’t fail, especially during those cold Kansas winters. “We can haul a car across the country in extreme heat or cold and know that they will start without hesitation,” said Chris. “ODYSSEY® batteries hold their charge on the shelf ready to be installed and started. Other batteries can’t do that. ODYSSEY® batteries haven’t failed us!”

Chris Carlson Hot Rods first installed an ODYSSEY® battery in their 2012 SEMA build – a 1934 Ford Coupe. “We needed a compact battery with a lot of punch. ODYSSEY® batteries had the perfect size for the space we had,” said Chris. “That battery is still going strong.”

You can get a glimpse of the 1949 Buick® Sedanette 56 S in the ODYSSEY® battery booth no. 24875 this year at SEMA.

Family Customs
Nick Lopez has been designing and building vehicles with his father, brother and son for years, hence the shop name Family Customs. Since 2004, 12 of their builds have been featured at SEMA. This year, the company will showcase Project #VaderCharger, a 2015 Dodge® Charger R/T 5.7L Hemi V8. It merges two of Nick’s childhood passions – Star Wars and cars. As Nick said, “Nothing goes together better than an iconic American movie such as Star Wars and modern American Muscle.”

Poweimg_6425ring #VaderCharger is an ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ PC1350 battery. Nick made the switch to ODYSSEY® batteries in 2008 for one reason – peace of mind. Family Customs began adding serious audio systems to their builds and needed a power source that would be able to handle the additional components. That’s where an ODYSSEY® battery came in. The PC1350 has enough power to handle all components on the project vehicle without any worry of failure.

Project #VaderCharger will be showcased at the Las Vegas Convention Center this year at SEMA.

Manny Diaz
By day Manny Diaz is a sign maker by trade, but where his real passion lies is in car projects. Manny first heard of ODYSSEY® batteries from fellow builders. The batteries came highly recommended because they could handle any load put on them.

Some of the modifications Manny has made to his 300C include second-generation 300ctrainlights from K2 Motor and LEDs in the grill, which are all powered by two ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ PC1700 batteries and an ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ 48-720 battery.

“The advantage I get from having ODYSSEY® batteries in my build compared to other brands is that I never have to worry if my battery will fail or leave me stranded somewhere,” said Manny. “My ODYSSEY® battery is always ready to perform to its fullest, and that shows the high quality other brands don’t offer.”

Manny’s 2007 Chrysler® 300C HEMI will be featured in the Ferrada Wheels booth no. 48227.

Ed Ho
Ed Ho grew up in Los Angeles where, as he said, “Having a car was a lifestyle.” His first car was a 1986 Honda® Accord. In 2011, he upgraded to his 2012 Toyota® Tundra CrewMax 4×4.

Not only is the Tundra Ed’s daily driver, it’s his weekend warrior. He needed a battery that could handle any condition and all aftermarket modifications.

20160709_174922Ed’s vehicle houses dual ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ 34R-PC1500T batteries – one in the engine bay and the other in the truck bed. ODYSSEY® batteries give several advantages over competitors. The design of an ODYSSEY® battery allows for various mounting angles letting it fit just about anywhere. In addition, their dry cell and acid free features mean no leaks or corrosion. “After reading reviews, it was clear that the ODYSSEY® battery was the best of the best against the competition,” said Ed.

Ed will be featuring his custom 2012 Toyota® Tundra CrewMax 4×4 at SEMA.

From maintaining a charge when not in use, to powering those extra features on a build, ODYSSEY® batteries have been designed to handle it all. The durability and reliability have been tried and tested by auto enthusiasts in every aspect of the automotive scene.

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