Jerry Zaiden: The Face Behind Camburg Racing

Camburg Engineering has set itself apart from the competition in the off-road industry by doing things their own way. They don’t follow trends – they create them in their 10,000 square foot shop.

Jason Campbell and Jerry Zaiden, the faces behind it all, started Camburg Engineering in 1997 after immersing themselves in everything off-road from going to races to taking classes and picking up fabrication jobs. Along with their engineering arm, Campbell and Zaiden also launched Camburg Racing as a way to put their products to the test on the track.

We recently caught up with Jerry Zaiden to discuss how Camburg Engineering has become one of the biggest, most sought-after names on the market and why the ODYSSEY® battery is the only battery he trusts in the shop and on the track.

You started Camburg Engineering back in 1997. How has the company grown and what does it mean to you?
Camburg has been growing steadily since the beginning. Now, we’re shipping our products all over the world. It is a humbling feeling seeing how much we’ve grown and how much product is being sold.

When and how did the Camburg Racing team come about?
Camburg Racing stemmed from Camburg Engineering. Jason Campbell and I wanted to showcase the durability of our products in the harshest environments, so we started our own team. We both grew up going to races and knew we wanted to be the ones behind the wheel. It started the same day as Camburg Engineering, but just took us a few years to build our first race truck.

As the leading manufacturer of off-road suspension systems, what sets Camburg Engineering apart from the rest?
Everything is tested on the course – it’s how we get feedback to make improvements. It helps to experience both on and of course performance. 

You build all your race trucks from the ground up. What is your favorite part of the process?
It’s a two-part answer. Our roots started with the design work and building – it’s what we love. The racing lets us test and modify the ideas.  

How did you learn to do it all? Jason and I both went to school to take classes. We also got real-world experience through jobs, or work our own vehicles.

What separates off-road racing from other sports?
There is nothing like off-road racing. We have the most extreme conditions that can often change. It’s definitely the best place to test products.

When did your relationship with EnerSys, the manufacturer of ODYSSEY® batteries, begin and why do you rely on ODYSSEY® batteries to power your vehicles?
We have been working with the people at EnerSys for several years now. We rely on the superior quality that gives us an edge on the competition. It’s the only battery we’ve found that does not fail – highest quality on the market.

The Mint 400 is coming up – what excites you the most?
We are excited to reveal some big news, but until then we will say look out for our Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

If you had to try your hand at a different form of racing what would it be and why?
I would try off shore powerboat racing. It seems like a close relation to off road racing.

What’s in your garage? Daily driver?
In my garage is a Toyota® Tundra, KTM 1190 Adventure R and Harley-Davidson® Dyna. My daily driver would either be the Dyna or Tundra.

If you weren’t racing, what would you be doing?
Not living life.

What is one thing you hope to accomplish?
Winning a championship. We’ve been in the top two several times, but haven’t clinched the big victory.

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