EnerSys® ODYSSEY® Batteries Provide Dependable Power for Premier Auto Show Vehicles

The energy demands of today’s high-end automotive auxiliary applications require a steady, reliable power source to keep them operating smoothly. These requirements may be more than what can be supplied by a vehicle’s main battery alone, which also powers the ignition, fuel injection and engine management systems. A quality auxiliary battery can provide an uninterrupted power supply above and beyond the vehicle’s main power source to operate all the onboard vehicle accessories—even when the engine isn’t running. In addition, the auxiliary battery can provide the necessary back-up power needed should the main battery fail.

One example in which an auxiliary battery would be especially valuable is for vehicles on display at a premier auto show. These types of events often feature a wide array of new vehicle models, Electric Vehicles (EVs) and classic cars, as well as tricked-out aftermarket vehicles. The vehicles on display are usually transported to the event and may remain on the floor for the length of the show without running their engines—which would normally help keep the battery fully charged. Inside each car, there is no shortage of features and accessories that are powered by the vehicles’ batteries, such as power seats, windows, doors, locks, climate control, navigation systems and even state-of-the-art stereo systems. Exhibitors showcase these features countless times during the show. Failure of any of these accessories to operate properly during these demonstrations would be embarrassing, and worse, leave an unfavorable impression of the vehicle. Some of the new vehicles may be started up and taken out for a test drive. Of course, at the conclusion of the show the vehicles must be able to start for the return home.

For auto show events, a quality auxiliary battery can provide strong assurance that all vehicle accessories and features powered by the battery will perform as expected. But which battery is the right choice?

Choosing the right auxiliary battery

A premium Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery—such as the ODYSSEY® Extreme ODS-AGM14—is an excellent choice for automotive auxiliary applications.

AGM batteries have lead alloy electrode plates that are packed tightly between absorbent fiberglass separators, which are saturated with a solution of sulfuric acid and water (electrolyte). This makes the battery sealed and non-spillable, offering greater flexibility when it comes to mounting an auxiliary battery. AGM batteries, like the ODYSSEY® ODS-AGM14 model, are also resistant to mechanical vibration and high-impact shock, which are two of the leading causes of premature battery failure.

Maintenance-free ODYSSEY® Extreme ODS-AGM14 batteries provide twice the power and three times the life of conventional lead acid batteries. They are engineered with proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology which allows the plates to be made thinner so that more will fit in a comparably sized conventional lead acid battery. The additional plates provide as much as 15 percent greater surface area, increasing the electrochemical reactions with the electrolyte. The result is significantly higher cranking power.

Whether it’s a vehicle exhibit that features automotive auxiliary applications or you’re simply in the market for a power source to provide that added boost of energy for your new onboard stereo system, consider the ODYSSEY® Extreme ODS-AGM14 to deliver uninterrupted power you can depend on time and time again.

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