ODYSSEY® Extreme ODS-AGM14 Batteries Deliver Uninterrupted Power for Automotive Auxiliary Applications

In response to the demand for greater environmental protection, both Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and hybrid motor vehicles now have features that conserve fuel and reduce emissions. Among these innovations is the Start-Stop system, which reduces fuel consumption and exhaust by turning off the engine to prevent idling when the vehicle is at a full stop. It often requires a power source in addition to the engine’s battery to better support it and other onboard, electrically powered systems and accessories. While the main battery powers ignition, fuel injection and engine management, the auxiliary battery powers all the high-end accessories from the power windows and locks to climate control, navigation devices and even state-of-the-art stereo systems. The auxiliary battery also serves as an uninterruptible power supply in case the main battery fails.

To meet the growing demand in this niche automotive market, EnerSys® offers the ODYSSEY® Extreme ODS-AGM14 battery, a premium, 12-volt Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery. AGM batteries have lead-alloy electrode plates that are packed tightly in absorbent fiberglass separators, which are saturated with a solution of sulfuric acid and water that is the battery’s electrolyte. AGM batteries are also sealed to be free of spillage and leakage, as well as resistant to mechanical vibration and high-impact shock, which are two of the leading causes of premature battery failure. The seal also eliminates the need to fill the battery cells with distilled water, which makes AGM batteries maintenance-free.

Additionally, the ODYSSEY® Extreme ODS-AGM14 battery offers proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology. A TPPL battery features electrode plates made of pure lead, which can be made thinner so that more plates fit into the same footprint as a comparably sized conventional lead acid battery. The additional plates provide as much as 15 percent greater surface area for more electrochemical reactions with the electrolyte, which generates cranking pulses that are substantially higher than conventional lead acid batteries. TPPL technology also enables 400 charge/discharge cycles at 80 percent Depth of Discharge (DOD) to effectively manage the various accessories the auxiliary battery supports.

The ODYSSEY® Extreme ODS-AGM14 battery also offers a capacity of 14 Amp hours (Ah) at the 20-hour rate, 220 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and 18 minutes of reserve power. The operating temperature range is -40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60°F).

ODYSSEY® batteries deliver the power, longevity and durability for onboard electrical devices, such as Start-Stop applications, enhanced lighting and navigation and entertainment systems, as well as serves as an uninterrupted power supply. The ODYSSEY® Extreme ODS-AGM14 battery is the only TPPL battery available for automotive auxiliary applications, which enables it to effectively support the growing number of onboard devices that help protect the environment and provide the driver and passengers with comfort, convenience and reliability.

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