ODYSSEY® Batteries: Power the Agricultural Industry Can Rely on for Performance and Productivity

Farming presents its own unique and considerable share of challenges and uncertainties—the weather and climate change, fuel and equipment costs, as well as price fluctuations for agricultural products in the marketplace—just to name a few.

With so many factors beyond control, its essential to stay ahead of issues that can be avoided. This is especially true when it comes to choosing the right battery to reliably power your agricultural machinery, such as tractors, mowers, wagons and plows.

Agricultural equipment is the lifeline of the farming business. Minimizing equipment downtime and expense is critically important—from planting to harvest. The demands typically placed upon a battery by agricultural equipment in terms of power, performance and durability are extreme. The best battery will deliver on every one of those demands, every time it is called upon throughout the seasons.

That is why advanced ODYSSEY® batteries from EnerSys® are truly a gamechanger when productivity is crucial. Engineered for dependability and performance under the most extreme terrain and environmental exposure, ODYSSEY® batteries perform superbly through long hours in the field, even in the toughest conditions.

The key to this performance is found in the military inspired design and construction of the batteries, which utilize Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology. In ODYSSEY® batteries, ultra-thin glass fiber mats saturated with electrolyte (water and sulfuric acid) are compressed tightly between thin pure lead plates completely covering the plate surface. Electrons are passed through the AGM, which is in close proximity to the plates, making it easier to generate more power as well as making it easier to recharge. The sealed batteries are also virtually maintenance-free and never require water to be added.

This is in sharp contrast to ordinary flooded lead acid batteries with free-flowing electrolyte inside that must be topped up with water regularly for full coverage of the lead plates.

The advantages of ODYSSEY® batteries for agricultural equipment don’t end there.

Extreme Temperature Resistance

AGM TPPL batteries, such as ODYSSEY® Extreme batteries, are designed specifically for high temperatures. They can reach up to 176°F (80°C) and not lose internal water, as the battery remains sealed during its operation.

Although the service life of all lead acid batteries is affected by high heat, the ODYSSEY® battery service life is triple that of other lead-calcium batteries, which suffer from increased galvanic grid corrosion in high heat.

ODYSSEY® batteries are also built to withstand cold temperatures. Standard flooded lead acid batteries may struggle to start in extremely cold temperatures, while ODYSSEY® batteries can start in temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C).


ODYSSEY® batteries are built with a rugged outer case, housing the tightly compacted AGM and lead plates. The result is an extremely durable, spill proof, shock resistant battery—important attributes for the rugged demands of farm equipment.

As previously mentioned, ODYSSEY® batteries offer triple the service life of ordinary flooded lead acid batteries, which means higher reliability, less frequent replacement, less downtime and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Virtually Maintenance-free

The sealed AGM TPPL design of ODYSSEY® batteries makes them virtually maintenance-free. Watering is never necessary. One less concern, one less task to schedule and less maintenance downtime when steady operation is the goal.

Extreme Cranking Power

ODYSSEY® batteries are strong—twice the power of conventional flooded lead acid batteries, with the heavy-duty power to crank agricultural equipment engines in extreme temperatures, time and time again.

Application Ready

ODYSSEY® batteries are specifically available for a wide variety of farming machinery, tractors and agricultural equipment.

In the agricultural world, perhaps nothing is more important than reliability, and when it comes to that factor, ODYSSEY® batteries can make a world of difference.

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