Monster Trucks Call for Monster Power

It takes a lot of power to crank a big block engine dependably in a vehicle that weighs more than 5 tons and can generate 1500 horsepower. For this type of demand, not just any battery will do. With all that weight and horsepower, monster trucks are subject to insane gravitational forces as they race, perform stunts or crush cars. Rugged, powerful, long-lasting batteries are essential equipment in fuel-powered monster trucks.

For BIGFOOT 4×4 Inc., a leader in the Monster Truck industry, the advantages of installing ODYSSEY® batteries from EnerSys® into all their applications, including the Company’s entire fleet of monster trucks, haulers and show vehicles were obvious.

Looking back to when BIGFOOT 4×4 Inc. was first introduced to EnerSys® and its premium power solution, the Company’s VP and COO, Bob Trent, noted, “when we first started using ODYSSEY® batteries back in 2001, it didn’t take us long to figure out that these are the best batteries on the market, then and now.”

ODYSSEY® batteries provide deep cycle reserve power and maximum cranking power, with engine cranking pulses up to 2,700 amps for five seconds, which is double that of equally sized conventional lead acid batteries. The rugged, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) construction and non-spillable design of ODYSSEY® batteries protect against high-impact shock and mechanical vibration, helping to provide longer service life.

Conventional flooded lead acid batteries can’t measure up in monster truck applications. ODYSSEY® batteries, on the other hand, offer significant advantages.

ODYSSEY® AGM batteries:

  • Supply massive starting power
  • Offer twice the power and three times the life of conventional flooded lead acid batteries
  • Offer a virtually maintenance-free power experience, whereas flooded batteries must have the electrolyte replenished
  • Are sealed and spill proof
  • Are resistant to extreme temperature—heat or cold
  • Are resistant to extreme shock and vibration
  • Offer extended cycle life – 400 charge-discharge cycles at 80% depth of discharge: significantly better rates than flooded batteries

The performance of ODYSSEY® batteries was so well suited for monster truck applications that in 2021, EnerSys® marked a 20-year milestone as the exclusive battery partner of BIGFOOT 4×4 Inc. The collaboration remains in place today—solid proof of the durability, strength, and performance of ODYSSEY® batteries under the most extreme conditions.

As the years have progressed, the story of ODYSSEY® battery power and BIGFOOT® monster trucks has become even more interesting.

In 2012, BIGFOOT #20 was unveiled as the world’s first battery-powered monster truck. Equipped with a total of 36 ODYSSEY® batteries, BIGFOOT #20 is a 500-horsepower vehicle with more than 450 foot-pounds of torque. It’s capable of running while crushing cars for more than 30 minutes before needing to be charged.

From BIGFOOT, the very first monster truck, to today’s latest heavy-duty monsters, ODYSSEY® batteries remain the battery of choice. After all, when it comes to crushing cars, high-flying stunts and flat-out racing, there’s no such thing as having too much power.

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BIGFOOT, The Original Monster Truck®, and its creator, Bob Chandler, spawned the entire Monster Truck Industry almost half a century ago. BIGFOOT has been named one of the “Top 5 Marketing Vehicles of All Time,” has captured 50 National Championships, appeared in over 30,000 events, and visited 35 different countries. Today Team BIGFOOT has 7 full-time trucks touring the world, seeing more than 4 million people live every year. BIGFOOT has been in 6 full-length movies, including Steven Spielberg’s 2018 hit “Ready Player One,” and holds numerous world records. 2021 saw the debut of the BIGFOOT Crush arcade game, which can be found in arcades worldwide, and over 3 million BIGFOOT toys were sold last year alone. Now in our 47th year, we are building a BIGFOOT Ride Truck, preparing for the 2022 fall Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live US tour and the 2023 HWMTL World Tour, and getting ready to debut the BIGFOOT Roll & Smash board game and the BIGFOOT Hot Wheels MEGA building set. We would be happy to discuss adding Milestone to our awesome list of licensees.