EnerSys® Honors National Battery Day

National Battery Day occurs every year on February 18, the birthday of Italian scientist Alessandro Volta, who is credited as the inventor of the modern electric battery. Battery Council International (BCI), a not-for-profit trade organization for the lead acid battery industry, promotes the commemoration through its communications initiative, Essential Energy Everyday. BCI uses National Battery Day to foster awareness of “the essential role that innovative lead batteries play in our energy future.” A significant part to building a better energy future will be developing advanced automotive power solutions that drive sustainability, productivity and safe business practices.

According to BCI, lead acid batteries provide energy storage for more than 270 million cars and trucks in the United States. They also enable start-stop technology, which halts the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stop and restarts it when the brake is released. Start-stop technology reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, delivering clean energy to billions of people around the world. In the U.S. alone, 5.3 million tons of greenhouse gases are eliminated each year.

Lead acid batteries are 99 percent recyclable and represent the most recycled consumer product in the U.S. There are many environmental benefits to recycling lead acid batteries. According to Call2Recycle®,  the nation’s largest consumer battery recycling and stewardship program, the three principal benefits of recycling lead acid batteries are, 1) it can prevent potentially hazardous materials from entering the waste stream, 2) it can protect against fires that can occur when batteries are discarded as trash and 3) it can enable a reduction in the consumption of precious natural resources, such as metals and minerals.

Improvements in the design and engineering of lead acid batteries over the decades have led to the development of advanced technologies that contribute to creating a more sustainable energy future. Among them include virtually maintenance-free, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) ODYSSEY® batteries from EnerSys®, which are manufactured with a proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology to offer enhanced convenience, power, and longevity across a variety of vehicle applications, including automotive/truck, powersports, marine, Recreational Vehicles (RVs), heavy duty and fleet vehicles.

Let’s take a look at some of the sustainable benefits of ODYSSEY® batteries that allow them to power even the hardest working vehicles.

  • ODYSSEY® batteries provide reliable power without the restrictive upkeep requirements of watering, equalizing and battery changing associated with conventional flooded lead acid batteries. The battery’s sealed construction eliminates the use of several gallons of distilled water every week because of its virtually maintenance-free attributes. In turn, this can also cut the energy consumption required for water distillation and distribution.
  • ODYSSEY® batteries can generate as much as twice the power of conventional lead acid batteries of comparable size because of proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology.
  • Their rugged construction and military-inspired design enables them to provide three to 10 years of service life and a shelf life of up to two years.
  • ODYSSEY® batteries can perform in temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C) and can fully recharge in as little as four hours.
  • Unlike conventional flooded lead acid batteries, ODYSSEY® batteries are non-spillable and do not leak electrolyte. They also feature built-in valves to allow safe dispersal of any excess gas generation in the unlikely event of errant charging.
  • The battery’s high-quality, fast-charge capabilities allows it to handle 400 charge/discharge cycles to 80 precent Depth of Discharge (DOD).

As National Battery Day approaches, EnerSys® encourages customers and business partners alike to adapt environmentally friendly practices and battery manufacturing techniques as part of an effort to build a sustainable energy future for everyone, everywhere. EnerSys® ODYSSEY® batteries are an innovative product line that contains pure materials that are easier to recycle, are safer for the environment than conventional flooded lead acid batteries and foster greater efficiency and longevity to make replacements less frequent.

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