Blog, 25th Anniversary

Richard Petty School of Performance is Now in Session!

Hey there folks – Richard Petty here, and I would like to welcome you to the Richard Petty School of Performance. School is officially in session!

From now on, you can refer to me as Professor Petty. Hold up – on second thought, “The King” still has a nice ring to it.

Anyhow, check out the video below to see who attended class – I think there will be a few faces you recognize, and maybe even a few that surprise you! Join us as we take a “holistic” – and perhaps, unorthodox – approach to class, celebrating 25 years of ODYSSEY® batteries and their unmatched power and performance.

And better yet, you’ll be seeing more of us during your favorite MotorTrend TV programming in the weeks ahead!

Check out the Richard Petty School of Performance” ad versions!

0:30 Version

0:60 Version

Extended Version