Car Batteries for Sale Online

Don’t settle for any of the run-of-the-mill car batteries for sale online. EnerSys® has a line of powerful automotive batteries that blow conventional lead acid batteries out of the water – they’re called ODYSSEY® batteries.

Flooded vs. AGM Car Batteries

Car Batteries for Sale Online A flooded lead acid battery is the traditional kind of battery you’ll find in the average car. It contains plates that hold negative and positive charges, and these plates are submerged in sulfuric acid, which acts as an electrolyte. This electrolyte helps the battery supply power to the vehicle.

One of the drawbacks of a flooded lead acid battery is that it needs to be charged at least once every three to six months. If it’s not, that will create an issue known as sulfation. When sulfation continues to develop over time, the battery will eventually fail.

ODYSSEY® batteries, engineered with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) separators, on the other hand, don’t have that problem. The reason is that AGM batteries are completely sealed. Instead of the plates being soaked in an electrolyte, there are separators between the plates made of fiberglass. These separators keep the electrolytes in place. The advantage of sealing is that you’ll never need to add water as you would with a flooded lead acid battery.

AGM batteries are also much more durable, holding plates securely in place. As a result, they do a much better job resisting vibrations and shock. You can also mount ODYSSEY® AGM batteries in just about any position, and they won’t leak acid. The only exception is you can’t mount them in an inverted (upside down) position.

TPPL – The Second Piece to the Puzzle

Several manufacturers make AGM batteries. But EnerSys® combines AGM design with proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology. Most batteries have lead plates inside of them to help deliver electrical current. Our plates are made of thin pure lead – and this is essential to what makes our batteries different.

Because we use pure lead in our plates, we can make the plates thinner – and we can fit more in our batteries as a result. The more plates in a battery, the more power that battery will deliver. This is the case because additional plates provide more surface area for electrochemical reactions to occur. That’s why ODYSSEY® batteries can deliver twice the cranking power of conventional lead acid batteries of the same size.

But TPPL battery technology offers other advantages as well. EnerSys® ODYSSEY® batteries don’t corrode nearly as easily as conventional lead acid batteries. They provide two times the power, and they also last three times longer than conventional batteries. They can get to a full charge in as little as four hours.

The bottom line is you can depend on ODYSSEY® batteries far more than conventional lead acid batteries. You’ll enjoy a long battery life, and all of your onboard electronics will have the power they need. If you are looking for more productivity and convenience, you won’t be able to find a better battery.

Feel free to contact EnerSys® to learn more about ODYSSEY® batteries – car batteries for sale online that you can rely on for your automotive needs.