Boat Batteries for Sale

EnerSys® has boat batteries for sale that you have to see to believe. ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose batteries are powerful and durable, and consist of Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) construction with Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology. This design allows you to stay on the water for hours without ever having to think about losing power.

A Quick Look at Boat Batteries

Boat Batteries for SaleThere are many safety features on the average boat, of course. Even though the battery won’t be lumped in the same category as life vests and other safety equipment, it should be. A weak, poorly designed battery could lead to a disaster. A strong, powerful one, on the other hand, will help ensure you can get out on the water and back to dry land safely and securely.

A boat battery does much more than help a vessel start up and keep going. It also makes it possible for all onboard electronics to work as well. These electronics include fish finders, navigation lights, ultra-critical pumps, two-way radios and other essential parts of a boat.

You can well imagine how important it is to purchase the correct battery for your boat. You could do a lot of research or try to find the one that costs as little as possible. However, why not start by looking into purchasing an ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose battery from EnerSys.

Why are ODYSSEY® Batteries a Must?

Do you like to fish? If that’s the case, then you may be aware of the term “trolling”. You can’t do this without a strong, powerful deep cycle, dual purpose marine battery. This kind of battery will keep all of your electronics running while trolling. In fact, ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose batteries from EnerSys are powerful enough to provide the energy your boat will need for hours on end without worrying about getting stranded out on the water.

But you can’t fish without your boat being able to start. A strong cranking battery will help it do just that. Conventional starting batteries don’t do a good job of retaining their charge. In order to recover, your boat really needs a powerful alternator. ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose batteries not only start your boat every time, but they also have enough juice to keep your courtesy lights, bilge pumps and other components running strong.

ODYSSEY® batteries feature all of the functionality of starting and deep cycle batteries in the same package. They’re durable, safe and will last for a long time. They have so much power because they contain more lead plates than conventional lead acid models. They can also deal with deep discharges.

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You don’t need to look any further than EnerSys for the ideal boat batteries for sale. Our batteries will deliver the power your boat needs when it needs it. If you would like to learn more about our company or our products, please get in touch with us online.