Automotive Batteries Near Me

If you’ve typed “automotive batteries near me” into an online search, you’ve probably seen a bunch of the “same old, same old” information. More than likely, all the batteries you’ve seen are pretty much alike. However, that’s not the case with an ODYSSEY® battery. No matter what challenges you throw its way, ODYSSEY® batteries will come through time after time. You can rest easy knowing that your battery will perform for years.

Why Choose an ODYSSEY® Battery?

Automotive Batteries Near MeThere are many reasons you should purchase an ODYSSEY® battery, but one of the main reasons is that it’s durable. Our battery lasts up to three times longer than conventional flooded lead acid batteries. But the ODYSSEY® battery is also incredibly powerful. It will not only provide the current it takes to run your vehicle’s onboard electrical components, but it will also be able to deliver the power it takes to start your vehicle.

Heat and Conventional Lead Acid Batteries – Not a Great Mix

You may already know how much damage frigid weather can do to the average battery. The exception is the ODYSSEY® battery, which will still provide starting power in temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C). However, heat can also wreak havoc on a conventional lead acid battery. The test for any battery is how it will work when the heat gets cranked up to a higher level.

Batteries rely on water to be able to operate. Water helps make the electrochemical processes inside the battery occur. These processes, in turn, make it possible for the battery to work. But when a typical battery is exposed to extreme heat, it can lead to a substantial loss of water.

Traditional lead acid batteries also contain lead plates and a substance known as electrolyte. When the electrolyte and lead plates interact, the battery can function. But this is another example of where too much heat can be a problem. The average battery loses its charge because the plates quickly develop corrosion.

Conventional lead acid batteries will also fail due to sulfation – another problem caused by excessive heat. Sulfation leads to the development of crystals on the lead plates inside the battery. These crystals reduce the surface area of those plates. The less surface area, the less power the battery will produce.

The way most cars are designed can also make an impact on the performance of a conventional lead acid battery. Today’s cars are built to be as fuel-efficient as possible. Aerodynamics is a top priority for automakers. This means that air moves over the hood, eventually going over the roof and the rear of the car – not through the engine. With a lack of air, a battery will have to deal with more heat. When a car sits in an exposed parking lot on a hot summer day, the battery will typically be exposed to high temperatures. 

Standing Up to the Heat

The ODYSSEY® battery is built for extreme heat. In fact, it will still work even if the temperature is 176°F (80°C). Not only that, it contains more lead plates than a regular battery, which provides more power.

When you add up all the advantages of the ODYSSEY® battery, you don’t have to search for “automotive batteries near me” any longer. We’ll be happy to tell you more.