AGM Marine Battery

An AGM marine battery will help you enjoy boating more than you ever thought possible. If you’ve been concerned about how long you could be out before your battery lost power, those days could be gone for good with an ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose battery. You’ll be able to get on the water whenever you want and stay out as long as your heart desires.

AGM Marine BatteryAre you tired of having to choose between starting power and deep cycle power when selecting a marine battery? Most boaters, of course, want both. You want a battery that provides consistent, strong starting power when you need it. You also want a battery that can hold up against frequent Depth of Discharge (DOD) without losing a substantial amount of power. ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose batteries deliver both – time after time.

EnerSys®, the manufacturer of ODYSSEY® batteries, is a global leader in providing stored energy solutions for industrial applications. EnerSys® makes a wide variety of batteries, accessories, chargers and more.

ODYSSEY® batteries provide deep cycle reserve power and maximum cranking power, with engine cranking pulses up to 3,125 amps for five seconds, which is double that of equally sized conventional lead acid batteries. The rugged, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) construction and non-spillable design of ODYSSEY® batteries protect against high-impact shock and mechanical vibration, helping to provide longer service life. Backed by an industry-leading warranty, they feature a three- to 10-year service life and a two-year storage life at 77°F (25°C). They are available in a wide variety of sizes with Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) as high as 2,250.

Why Choose the ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose Battery?

There are quite a few reasons. Here are just some of the more important ones.

  • The ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose battery is perfect for starting your boat and keeping all of your onboard electronics powered for however long you need.
  • Our batteries feature a military-inspired design, built to perform no matter how harsh the environment may be. They recharge faster, have lower self-discharge, and corrode less than conventional batteries.
  • ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose batteries can hold up against the vibrations and shocks that cause weaker batteries to fail. No matter how choppy the water may get, you’ll always be able to count on an ODYSSEY® battery to come through.
  • Our ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose batteries can withstand temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C), and as high as 176°F (80°C).

Power and Durability

ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose batteries are incredibly resilient. Even if the battery gets down to as low as 20 percent State of Charge (SOC), it can be restored to 90 percent SOC in as little as an hour. Whether you need a lot of cranking power for a vessel with multiple engines, or you want the deep cycle power required to keep all of your electronics working at maximum efficiency, the ODYSSEY® Marine Dual Purpose battery will be precisely what you need.

If you would like more information on the ODYSSEY® AGM marine battery, contact us online for help with our products and services.