How to choose an ODYSSEY® Battery

Choosing a battery for your vehicle can be difficult. EnerSys®, the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications and the manufacturer of ODYSSEY® batteries, produces more than 30 types of ODYSSEY batteries. Some are geared more toward the every day driver, while others are built for the off-roading, weekend warriors. Our expert Ken weighs in on the difference between ODYSSEY Extreme Series™ and Performance Series™ batteries and how to choose the correct one for your car.

What’s the difference between ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ and ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ batteries?

Can ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ and ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ batteries be used interchangeably?

Yes and no. Yes, an ODYSSEY Performance Series battery can replace an ODYSSEY Extreme Series battery. The reverse is also true. However, if the battery system is made up of two or more batteries in series and/or parallel, then no, the Performance Series and Extreme Series batteries should not be used together in the same system. The system should comprise only Performance Series or Extreme Series batteries.

Are certain batteries better for different types of vehicles and uses, such as cars, SUVs, heavy-duty commercial vehicles, power sports, off-roading, etc.?

Most definitely. The ODYSSEY Extreme Series battery is best suited for applications were the battery will be exposed to extreme conditions. For instance, multiple starts of a diesel engine in a commercial vehicle, high vibration and impact forces commonly found in the use of power sports and off-road vehicles.

How can I figure out what type of battery to purchase for my vehicle? Are there different ones depending on my vehicle make/model?

Our website has a battery search function that lists all the ODYSSEY batteries available to fit a given vehicle, make and model.

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