FAQ: ODYSSEY® battery portable chargers

Our line of all-digital portable chargers features cutting-edge design elements like weatherproof housing, fully-automatic six-stage charging and more. Their professional grade performance, quality and speed make them among the best on the market.

We asked our in-house battery charging experts to weigh in on commonly-asked questions.

What sets ODYSSEY® battery portable chargers apart from the competition?
There is a wide range of acceptable chargers on the market with various price points to meet the needs of most users.

The ODYSSEY® battery portable charger line is designed to offer the highest level of performance, assuring a full and complete recharge. They also fully support long-term storage with a two-stage process. ODYSSEY® battery portable chargers provide the highest level of component quality, performance and dependability.

What are the advantages of using these over other chargers on the market?
The six-stage charging capabilities set these chargers apart from others on the market. ODYSSEY® battery portable chargers have a unique phase for long-term storage. They also offer automatic reconditioning of the battery for up to three hours once a month, extending battery life.

Do these chargers work just for ODYSSEY® batteries, or other brands as well?
ODYSSEY® battery portable chargers will fully charge competitive flooded and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, but not gel cell batteries.

ODYSSEY® battery portable chargers have a professional grade design that delivers performance, quality and speed. What design features allow for this?
The six-stage charging process not only assures a full recharge every time, but also can extend long-term storage. Our chargers utilize the latest Auto Maintain (energy saver mode) compliant in all 50 states and Canada.

In what instances are these chargers best used?
The ODYSSEY® battery portable chargers are best for ODYSSEY® battery models PC310 through 75/86-PC1230 in deep cycle and float; and 25-PC1230 through PC1350 for float and maintaining only.

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