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When Celebrating American Adventures Month in August, Travel with a Dependable Battery

American Adventures Month takes place each August to encourage vacationing in the Americas where visitors explore parks and forests through road trips, camping, hiking and water sports. August is the last chance many of us have for adventure travel before the summer ends, so it’s important to make sure that the mode of transportation is reliable, starting with the battery.

Selecting a battery for adventure travel in off-road applications like an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) or a dune buggy, needs to take into consideration the rugged conditions that will likely be encountered on dirt roads and unpaved trails. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, which are sealed and non-spillable, are resistant to high-impact shock and mechanical vibration. ODYSSEY® batteries, made with Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology and advanced manufacturing processes, improve upon the AGM design for even greater durability with intercell connectors that are bonded to the plates and compressed plate separators.

In addition to the demands of operating in harsh conditions, the vehicle’s battery must provide enough power to not only start the engine, but also support onboard electronics and chargers for mobile devices without compromising reliability. ODYSSEY® batteries feature pure lead plates, which can be made thinner than the plates found in conventional lead acid batteries. When plates are thinner, more can fit in the battery footprint, which increases the surface area to enable more reactions that generate greater battery power – almost twice that of conventional lead acid batteries.

ODYSSEY® batteries can start the engine with up to 2,700 amps for 5 seconds and power a variety of accessories with a life of 400 charge/discharge cycles at 80 percent Depth of Discharge (DOD). They also tolerate temperatures that range from -40°F (-40°C) to 176°F (80°C) and require no watering or charging, which makes them virtually maintenance-free.

Exploring the parks and forests during American Adventures Month, or at any other time, is more fun when you don’t have to worry about the battery’s dependability. ODYSSEY® batteries allow you to enjoy adventure travel, whether it’s a road trip of thousands of miles or trail riding in a nearby park, without concern about starting the engine, powering onboard accessories or withstanding rugged conditions.

This year, EnerSys® marks 25 years of ODYSSEY® battery production. To follow the ODYSSEY® battery 25th Anniversary journey, visit our website at or connect with us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook by using the hashtag #MYODYSSEY.


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