EnerSys® Appointed to Approved Vendor Status for the Automotive Parts Services Group

EnerSys® (NYSE:ENS), the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications and the manufacturer of ODYSSEY® batteries, was recently appointed Approved Vendor Status for the Automotive Parts Services Group, a “best in class” distribution network developed in collaboration with Federated Auto Parts and the National Pronto Association. Utilizing the expertise, services and affiliations of both prestigious organizations, The Group was created to foster a culture of growth and success in a competitive and ever-evolving industry. As a newly appointed member partner, EnerSys® will now be able to offer its portfolio of premium ODYSSEY® batteries to customers in more than 5,000 locations across North America.

Manufactured with proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, the plates used in the construction of ODYSSEY® batteries are made thinner, allowing for more to fit in the battery. The increased number of plates results in more surface area, increased power and massive deep cycling capability. The rugged construction and non-spillable dry cell design of ODYSSEY® batteries protects against high impact shock and mechanical vibration, helping to provide longer service life.

“For years, our ODYSSEY® batteries have provided customers with a virtually maintenance-free solution engineered to deliver phenomenal starting power – more than twice as much as conventional flooded lead acid batteries – and exceptional service life,” said Tom Rafferty, National Account Manager at EnerSys. “As an official member of the Automotive Parts Services Group, with access to Federated and Pronto’s impressive distribution networks, we are now able to expand our product offerings even further to an audience in search of high-quality automotive technology, as only ODYSSEY® batteries can provide.”

ODYSSEY® batteries feature a three- to 10-year service life and a two-year storage life at 77°F (25°C). They are vibration and shock resistant, classified as “non-spillable” by the U.S. Department of Transportation and include a limited three-year full replacement warranty.

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EnerSys, the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, manufactures and distributes energy systems solutions and motive power batteries, specialty batteries, battery chargers, power equipment, battery accessories and outdoor equipment enclosure solutions to customers worldwide. Energy Systems, which combine enclosures, power conversion, power distribution and energy storage, are used in the telecommunication, broadband and utility industries, uninterruptible power supplies and numerous applications. Motive power batteries and chargers are utilized in electric forklift trucks and other industrial electric powered vehicles requiring stored energy solutions. Specialty batteries are used in aerospace and defense applications, large over-the-road trucks, premium automotive, medical and security systems applications. EnerSys also provides aftermarket and customer support services to its customers in over 100 countries through its sales and manufacturing locations around the world. With the recent NorthStar acquisition, EnerSys has solidified its position as the market leader for premium Thin Plate Pure Lead batteries, which are sold across all three lines of business. More information regarding EnerSys can be found at

Federated Auto Parts and National Pronto Association merged their efforts and resources in a number of key areas to form the Automotive Parts Services Group or simply, The Group. The goal of The Group is a solid focus on “best in class” in order to provide overall value and support within the auto care industry, build upon the success, cultures and relationships of Pronto and Federated, and work together for a stronger future.

Both Pronto and Federated headquarters remain in place and continue to support their respective member’s needs, marketing programs and brands, while moving to shared resources in all areas that offer efficiencies and improvement opportunities to remain competitive in a changing market. The combined organization will operate more than 5,000 locations in North America with estimated member revenue of approximately $7 billion.


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The National Pronto Association is made up of nearly 100 Member Distributors with over 300 distribution locations. They serve thousands of auto parts stores and service centers every single day. Pronto is committed to the independent automotive aftermarket and demonstrates leadership within the industry by providing Pronto Member distributors and their customers a professionally managed, member-directed organizational structure. For more information, visit