ODYSSEY Chargers

ODYSSEY battery chargers are designed to fully and safely charge ODYSSEY batteries and other quality brands of 12-volt Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and flooded lead acid batteries. For professional shop users or enthusiasts doing a charger-to-battery match up, our professional grade design delivers performance, quality and speed in a ruggedized and weatherproof housing.

  • Fully automatic six-stage performance charging
  • All digital power charging platform
  • LED battery charge monitor
  • System OK and battery fault trouble status indicator
  • 6, 12 and 20 Amp models available
  • Fanless design eliminates risk of fan failure and costly replacement
  • Limited 2-year full replacement warranty
  • UL Certified


Also available, the ODYSSEY Charger Adapter is an SAE two-prong adaptor for use with ODYSSEY battery charger 6amp models (model OBC-6A). The charger adaptor allows for the use of standard battery pigtails. Click here to buy now.