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Hold Down Kits

ODYSSEY® Battery Hold Down Kit - Rugged Construction, Sleek Design

ODYSSEY HoldDown KitCustom made for a range of specialty ODYSSEY batteries, the ODYSSEY Battery Hold Down Kit features a polished aluminum finish that says you're serious about performance. Ideal for applications requiring the mounting of an additional battery to power accessories and high-watt sound systems. Please note ODYSSEY battery hold down kits fit non-metal jacket batteries only.

  • PC680 - (7.25"L x 4.94"W x 6.34"H)
  • PC925 - (8.75"L x 7.38"W x 5.75"H)
  • PC1200 - (8.90"L x 8.50"W x 6.60"H)
  • PC1500 - (10.31"L x 8.88"W x 7.00"H)
  • PC1700 - (13.25"L x 8.75"W x 7.50"H)
  • PC1750 - (11.25"L x 9.41"W x 7.08"H)
  • PC2150 - (13.30"L x 8.63"W x 8.30"H)

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